Alumni Network Welcomes You

IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is the network of former graduate students. It is a confluence of all those who studied here and are now in different fields of work. The IIHT alumni are an active body with regular meet-ups and get-togethers of classmates and college friends. IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION encourages its alumni to meet every once-in-a-while and get to share mutual terms which date back to the college days and relive the moments they shared with their classmates and professors. It plays a positive role in the overall functioning of the Institute by providing assistance in various forms to the governing body of the college.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION would love to keep in touch with you and hear from you.

Being a part of the IIHT Alumni Network gives you a great opportunity to relive your memorable time at IIHT. Stay connected with your friends and professors, know about latest developments at IIHT, and organize reunions with your batch-mates.

We encourage you to register and be a part of the IIHT Alumni Network which helps you to:

  • Get the latest updates.
  • Connect with your batch-mates.
  • Receive invites to Alumni Meets.
  • Help us to connect with you better.
  • Plan reunions for your batch.
  • Connect with your professors.

This is just a beginning, you can look forward to a lot more features and possibilities on this platform!

You can also mail us at info@iihtalumni.com in case of any suggestions or queries.

IIHT's Alumni are ! Serving the Textile Industry with confidence
Core Committee

The objectives of the committee are to strengthen bonds within the peers as well as to facilitate mentoring and continued education of our Alumni.


Mobile no: 8930834444
1983 Batch IIHT Varanasi

General Secretary

Mobile no:
93107 07522
1993 Batch IIHT Salem


MOB NO: 9813050256
1985 Batch IIHT Varanasi

Vice President

Mobile no: 9215525227
1987 Batch IIHT Varanasi

Joint Secretary

MOB NO: 9354793766
1990 Batch IIHT Varanasi

Executive Member

R.P. SAINI Mobile no: 9416017249
1981 Batch IIHT Varanasi

Executive Member

Mobile no: 9215189273
2002 Batch IIHT Jodhpur