About us

After 65 years, we now have an official registered alumni association for ALL INDIAN INSTITUTE OF HANDLOOM TECHNOLOGY, Association was registered officially on Dated 3rd April 2021with registration no.00648 at PANIPAT with 7 (Seven) life time members, under the leadership of SH.D.V.SINGH (1983 BATCH IIHT VARANASI Alumni) as Chairman. First Management Committee was formed to carry out day to day activities of our alumni association. Management Committee meets regularly for developing ALL INDIAN IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.

Our first work is to compile whole database of all, ALL INDIAN IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION from the year 1956 till date & promote new membership to establish strong alumni association.

AIIIHT alumni association is dedicated to bringing together the alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support to members through self-help within the community. AIIIHT alumni association today has a membership of over 178 graduates from our alma mater and is growing at about 300 members a year. It is one of the most active alumni association and operates through a network of national and international .Our alumni are spread the all over India and abroad .Apart from serving as a base for information about the alumni, It initiates programs and organizes events important to alumni, their alma mater, and in the national interest.

Main Objective

  • To keep a roster of all alumni of ALL INDIA IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and their relevant data.
  • Maintaining the updated and current information of all alumni.
  • To provide and distribute information regarding their alma mater, its graduates, faculties and students to the alumni.
  • To assist and support the efforts of IIHT in obtaining funds for development.
  • To guide and assist alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at the IIHT.
  • To work towards improvement of Handloom Industry.& Handloom weavers
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, and continued education sessions and meetings for the purpose of promotion of technical skills up gradation in the premises of ALL INDIA IIHT INSTITUTES
  • To hold and organize annual alumni meetings.
  • To mobilize and generate resources and funds through subscription or membership fee to carry out the objectives of the Association
    All the income earned through the subscription/ membership fee of the ALL INDIA IIHT Alumni Association shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only and no profit thereof shall be applied in any manner whatsoever for the benefit of the present or past members of the Association or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No members of the Association shall have any personal claims whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.
  • To have its regional offices within the premises of ALL INDIA IIHT INSTITUTES
  • To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students.
  • To establish funds to help needy alumni members in pandemic situation
  • To act as a link between the “Alma Mater” (ALL INDIA IIHT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION) and the “Alumni” (the past students).
  • To improve the facilities and infrastructure of the college with the help of active participation of the alumni.
  • To make available the expertise and experience of the alumni for the development of ALL INDIA IIHT INSTITUTES
  • Function as visiting / guest faculty for the students.
  • Help students in their internship and placements.
  • Guidance program for the students before their placement.
  • To conduct seminars and workshop for the students.
  • Assist the Alma Mater to arrange for study tours, education tours, for the students.
  • To develop & maintain a web-site of the alumnus.
  • To provide every type of assistance to the members of Association.

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