Ex. Director IIHT Varanasi

I must appreciate that you have chosen the right path of forming an Alumni Association on all India basis instead of having 2 to 3 associations presently. However, once the Association is established the following activities should be given thought of :

  1. To promote the R & D activities in the Institutes as we carried out a number of Handloom Projects in IIHT Baranasi during my time in association with leading textile institutes and research organisations and with the encouragement and financial assistance from the office of DC (Handlooms).
  2. To promote aggressively the exclusive Handloom Products e.g Jamdani, Baluchari etc in domestic and export market.
  3. To associate the leading Handloom Technocrats e.g National Award Winners in the Institutes.
  4. To arrange the summer training of the students in the Handloom Industry with some Financial Assistance.
  5. To create a fund to help the Handloom Technologists at the time of crisis.

Finally I convey my best wishes for the fulfilment of all activities which you deem fit for the development of the Handloom Industry.
Dr. B.P Sarkar,
Ex – Director, IIHT

Author: iihtmember@1